Hello !

Thank-you for visiting my website

Let me tell you a little bit about myself

I live In the English Countryside with my family

 I have been filming Weddings for several years now, in fact I filmed my first wedding way back in 1993.

 These days, I use the latest 4K capable cameras, stabilisers and drones.

Having the latest camera isn't what it's all about and although I am constantly looking for new innovations in Technology, I still try to capture the emotion of Weddings in a personal and natural way.

I film Weddings  discreetly, I pride myself in guests being mostly unaware that I am filming the day.

I use small handheld cameras that are silent and I don't use any lights.

I am also a fully qualified, Insured and licensed UAV Drone pilot.

I won't pose you or direct you to do any acting, everything is filmed as it naturally happens.

In the main I will be dressed like a Wedding guest and might even be mistaken for one, which is nice because I get offered canap├ęs and drinks.

During the ceremony and speeches I use tripods and discreet microphones.

I put a lot of time and effort into making each Wedding film the best they can possibly be,

and for this reason I will only be accepting a limited number of Weddings for the 2018/2019 season.

I am not what some people refer to as a traditional videographer, I wont arrive on the day of your Wedding and film as much as possible and then just put it all into a

 long 2 hour video.
What I will do is spend 10 hours (sometimes more) looking for all the most interesting moments in order to create something special.

Creating a watchable short feature film that is carefully crafted for you and captures the emotion of the day. 

My film packages also include the formal events of the day in full

the Ceremony and Speeches are filmed using, where possible, multiple camera angles.
Wherever possible I like to plan your wedding film with you to make sure I capture those memorable moments, the important guests, readings and speeches.