So, you're thinking of getting married abroad?!

That's Great News !

So why take a UK based Wedding Videographer with you?

One of the great advantages of bringing a UK wedding Videographer along, is that you can meet up somewhere in the UK before the day and have a chat over coffee and talk about your plans.

Then there is the added bonus of knowing that we probably speak the same language, which means you can tell me exactly what you're looking for and know that I understand what you mean.  

Whether you're getting married at a chic Hotel in Central London, a Mountain top or a Sunny Destination, I've experienced them all and will happily join you.

When working abroad, I'll turn up a few days early in case of flight delays and to get some of those scene setting establishing shots.  

So if you like my style of Wedding films, and you would like someone along who wants to be a part of your Destination wedding as much as you do, rather than booking someone abroad, who you don't know very much about.....then it's a no brainer.  

Maybe you fell in love with a UK based wedding videographer, and worry their travel rates might be too expensive?

Well I love to travel and quite often I will not add the expense of flights and accommodation to my prices



I will travel all over the world shooting weddings.

 I love shooting weddings with different cultures, in different climates and backdrops.

 I will always arrange my own flights and accommodation, and I have different packages for different parts of the world.

 So please get in touch for my international pricing.



Wherever you dream Destination Wedding might be, Steve Hood Films would love to travel there with you 

to turn your Destination Wedding into a beautiful film 

At certain times of the year we offer

"Expenses Only" Special Offers.

To discuss your Destination Wedding and how we can turn it into a beautiful lasting memory, just get in touch.

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